Рассылка спама с сервера OVH

Если вы рассылаете или вас сломали и рассылают спам, то приходит на почту письмо:

Dear Customer,

Our anti-spam protection layer has detected that your IP is sending spam.

In order to protect our network, we have blocked the port 25 of your server, at the
network level.

To help you investigate about this problem and fix it, here are a sample
are some advanced details on your emails:

Destination IP: — Message-ID: 0FF5BDA993474C5F8386CF7A2E6C03BD@borag.ru — Spam score: 349
Destination IP: — Message-ID: CD377BADE6320734E8EDA416A22E3A78@borag.ru — Spam score: 500
Destination IP: — Message-ID: 679DD96418CCFBB86461289D99B5A73A@borag.ru — Spam score: 500
Destination IP: — Message-ID: D8226BC89D494320FCF9B00632816024@borag.ru — Spam score: 300
Destination IP: — Message-ID: 6E949DC93DE9DB28F4F1B8082CE8F501@borag.ru — Spam score: 500

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