Отмена заказа: Unsuccessful bank card transaction

Если транзакция прошла и заказ стал в We check your payment manually, то заказ могут не обработать и отменить.

Если отменят то на почту придет лист: Unsuccessful bank card transaction: order номер заказа

Dear Customer,

You have recently made a payment by bank card on our website for purchase order number номер заказа.

Unfortunately the transaction was unsuccessful and we have had to cancel the payment.

We have already contacted the banks to find a solution to this issue, but it seems that there is still an issue and we can no longer proceed with this first bank transaction.

In addition, if you wish to receive your order, we kindly ask that you make the payment again, using another bank card if possible, by visiting the following page:

ссылка на заказ

IMPORTANT: you will not be charged twice as your first payment has already been cancelled with the bank.

Please note that the first cancelled transaction might appear on your VISA/MASTERCARD payment history, but remember that this history is not your statement. Your bank adviser will be able to confirm that it is was just a requested transaction and was not completed.

Please accept our sincere apologies for the delay in delivering your order, this complication was beyond our control.

For further information, contact us on customersupport@ovh.ie

Деньги могут вернутся, а могут и не вернутся. Все зависит от банка.